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[S3E13] One Day You Will Understand

The memories begin in 1464, Nigeria, Cleo is seen playing by the river but is distracted when the village warriors leave in haste. Cleo asks her grandmother what is happening, and her grandmother says that the warriors have gone to negotiate with a creature that has been terrorizing the woods. Moments later, a warrior returns and explains that a deal has been struck. With this, Cleo's grandmother tells her that she must go away to protect the village. Cleo finds this difficult to understand, but her grandmother eventually explains that she is a muse like herself and will someday grow to be incredibly powerful. She too must do what she can to protect the villagers. Cleo is not satisfied with this, however, and uses her magic to escape the boundary spell placed upon her.

[S3E13] One Day You Will Understand

At the same time, there is also the need to be open in accepting forgiveness. If one has done supposedly unforgivable acts, it can be difficult for this person to not only ask for amends. It can become nearly impossible for this person to understand that they, too, can be forgiven.

This Lorelai is lame and more of a blatant entitled brat than I would have expected. She's willing to rebel, but only BECAUSE Christopher pushes her. Based on the stories we've heard, I would expect Lorelai to be the catalyst for bad behavior, the one to convince Christopher to go against his parents' wishes.

Just like adult Lorelai, teen Lorelai makes some pretty dumb choices. She goes into labor watching "Quincy, M.E." and eating a pepper sandwich, but instead of letting her parents know, she drives to the hospital alone. What kind of ungrateful bitch pulls a stunt like this? Tell your parents what's up like a normal human being and let them drive you to the hospital, you goon. Don't leave a hastily scrawled note and try to avoid them when they show up angry. I understand that she doesn't have the best relationship with them, but she's still a teenager who depends on them for food and shelter, so it's the least she can do. Instead, she shows up to the hospital alone and listens to "99 Luft Balloons" on her Walkman.

Ben says while he was imprisoned in the Hatch, he couldn't ask John how he was walking around without telling him who he really was. When he invites Ben to ask him now, John suggests that he still will not know who Ben really is. Ben seeks confirmation that John could walk immediately after the crash. Locke says that Ben is wondering why he too, is not recovering as fast as he would like. Ben suggests that Locke is afraid that if he leaves the island he will be back in the chair and that is why he wants to destroy the sub.

The whole of Tree Hill blacks out. As they do, Mouth tries to kiss Rachel and is rejected, but she laughs it off. Back at Brooke's apartment, Brooke still seems upset in the dark at Lucas. As Lucas tries to calm her down whilst looking for a flashlight, he suggests calling Peyton as she might be alone. As she finds her flashlight, Lucas says he is worried about her and Brooke tells him she is sure he is. As she gets up she hits Lucas and calls him an ass. Dan gets a report that the lights will be out for a few hours, and Dan sees this as a perfect opportunity to stir up some trouble. Ellie offers to stay for one more night due to the black out, making Peyton very happy. Haley and Nathan decide that their lives have come on far too fast and they need to talk through their issues. In the darkness, Dan breaks into Keith's apartment. At Rachel's house, Mouth apologizes for getting the wrong idea and admits that he has no experience with girls. Rachel tells him to have more confidence and be mean to girls to seem sexier. At Brooke's apartment, she is still mad at Lucas. She gives him the letter and tells him to read the last line, the line he wrote to Peyton last year, as she storms out the apartment.

At Rachel's, Mouth asks why Rachel invited him over, was it because she actually likes him as a friend, or to make Brooke jealous. Rachel promises it was not to make Brooke jealous and tells him she will help make him into one of the boys the elite girls dream of. But Mouth refuses saying he will one day find a girl who likes him for him and will tell her how much he loves her everyday. Peyton asks Ellie to talk about the cancer, but Ellie refuses and wants to enjoy what she has and that there is nothing to be afraid of. She also tells her that she needs to focus more on the living and get the most out of her life, she then drags her out the room. Back at the Scott house, the couple decide they have to talk about their bigger issues, Nathan tells her he asked Chris to come back to help with the music, and it has to be Chris as he felt guilty about making her choose, the music or him. Haley admits she isn't proud of her tour because Nathan wasn't. With this said, Nathan runs outside to the car and gets something out, all the paper blows all over. As Haley picks up a piece, she reads a newspaper article on her, that he had collected. They kiss in the rain as Karen and Keith do as Lucas and Brooke make love. Ellie and Peyton are in the comet driving in the rain.

Rachel joins Mouth, amazed at his speech, and asks to kiss to pass time. Mouth refuses and Rachel thinks he is playing hard to get. But Mouth insists that kissing means a lot to him and he won't kiss her until she realizes how much she likes him, and then he will. As he tells her this, the light switches back on and Mouth leaves Rachel speechless. Keith and Karen wake up happily after spending the night together on the cafe sofa, as Dan finds a safety deposit box in Keith's possessions that he can have access to due to being mayor. Ellie and Peyton get back soaked and Peyton tells her about a guy she loved but she let him go and now it's too late. Ellie promises it isn't too late. She apologizes for missing 17 years but would not change the last 3 weeks and they hug as Ellie calls her her daughter. Nathan has his eyes closed and tells an amazed Haley to stop worrying. Haley admits she thinks she should go home as she doesn't want to wake up to find him gone again, but Nathan promises he will be there.

The following morning, Peyton wakes up to find Ellie about to leave. She asks to call her when the CD comes and they hug goodbye as Ellie promises they will see each other again someday. Haley wakes up to find Nathan not in her bed. As she gets up, she is relieved to see Nathan hanging up the articles on her tour. She asks what to do about college and they decide to apply to both. Rachel asks Mouth in school if they are okay which Mouth assures they are and they get on again as Brooke sees them laughing together in disgust. Ellie gets back to her house and lets the pain get to her. She puts on her record and leans weakly against the door frame as the CDs are being created in the factory. She holds the photo of her with Peyton as a baby and then lies down on her sofa as the candle besides her burns out. Peyton gets the CDs and travels straight to see Ellie. As she gets there, she knocks and walks in. She shouts for her and finds the record stopped playing. She walks in the library and finds Ellie lying dead. She drops the CDs and collapses to the floor in tears.

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Being myself a remarkably stupid fellow, I have had to unteach myself the difficulties, and now beg to present to my fellow fools the parts that are not hard. Master these thoroughly, and the rest will follow. What one fool can do, another can.

[S]emiclassically, an initial pure state will evolve to a mixed state. For reasons I have not been able to understand during the course of the past 40 years, this is widely viewed as being highly problematic. The conflict between this view and the semiclassical analysis is referred to as the black hole information loss paradox.

To the wonderful teachers, students, and colleagues who have inspired and guided me over the years; and to the still unknown person(s) who will further illuminate the magic of this strange and beautiful world of ours by discovering How come the quantum? How come existence?We will first understand how simple the universe is when we recognize how strange it is. 041b061a72


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