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windows xp professional and windows xp home edition can also have an oem edition and a retailing edition. the user interface of the windows xp is improved in the retailing editions as it has the same product key as the retailing product, even though the retailing version is a customized setup with pre-installed apps, like office xp, antivirus, mail, internet explorer, and games. so, if you are going to re-install xp and you're not sure what edition you can go with, you can choose the retailing version. most of the time the retailing versions do the work, with some exceptions in the event you have spyware or a virus.


in some cases, because it's not detected by the computer, windows xp will not work and will keep on failing. you can try reinstalling the machine one more time. if it fails for the 2nd time, you may need to clear the registry. it can be used to repair windows xp, however you will want to be able to reinstall the os manually .

it's always the same about these articles; they just rely on some really simple words to capture your interest (ie: apple, mobile) and you end up reading the whole thing because hey, it looks interesting.

i've seen this so many times now, where people are just making catchy headlines, forgetting to post the full article. that's not to say that using one of these makes you a bad writer - i've done it myself, and have been tempted to post a random headline, then forgot about that article.

and that's why i'm writing this post. because i'm going to be lazy and use the headline i've decided to write. i'm also going to leave out the part that made me decide to write that article. i hate when that happens.


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