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[S3E14] Party Time

Thoughts:I have so many opinions about this episode, and I fear that some of them will be unpopular. So be it. Let me just say this at the outset: I am firmly #TeamJess over #TeamRory in this episode. There are so many times she acts like an entitled priss! It drives me fucking crazy.

[S3E14] Party Time

Even after Lisa told Taylor not to talk about suing she chose to openly discuss and ask questions about Adrienne suing Brandi at the table where Adrienne could hear her. Adrienne denied that she was suing Brandi and Brandi insisted that she was. Accusations were made and Brandi ended up leaving the party early.

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Soon after her promotion, the employees take advantage of Linda's kindness by requesting days off and having Linda cover their shifts resulting in her working all by herself. At the same time, Bob struggles to run the restaurant by himself.

"The Graduates" is an uneven episode that showcases the Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) relationship (in multiple time periods) and a grieving Rebecca. in the past. It displays both remarkable restraint and unnecessary melodrama, and sets up what's likely to be an intense follow-up next week.

The episode sticks mostly to two time periods: Kate completing her college degree in the present with an elaborate graduation ceremony planned by Toby (Chris Sullivan), and the Big Three's high-school graduation after Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) death in the 1990s.

Kevin (Logan Shroyer) and Kate's relationship has always been special, and the episode briefly flashes back to their toddlerhood; even then, they comforted each other and had a bond that excluded Randall. Teen Randall (Niles Fitch) knows this, and respectfully acknowledges it at a graduation party the Big Three attend. There, Kevin and Kate make up after Kevin offers to stay for his sister, and she pushes him to go to New York to pursue acting and stop "protecting" her.

Back in 2019, Toby throws Kate a big party that she doesn't feel she deserves, considering she's graduating college 16 years late. But Rebecca, Zoey (Melanie Liburd) and Kevin are all in town for her. Rebecca convinces her to stop regretting the past and celebrate her achievement in the present.

It's Kevin, however, whom Rebecca should be really concerned with. The writers finally address his relapse, with surprising restraint. Kevin has been on a bender since meeting Nicky, and he has been lying to everyone. When he shows up to Kate's party, she can tell right away that something is up, and catches him in a lie to Zoey. When he leaves the party suddenly for a meeting with "Soderbergh's producers" Kate finds him in his hotel room, surrounded by empty bottles.

We get no resolution to their story because at that moment Rebecca calls to tell Randall about Kate, so Randall hops on a cross-country flight to see his sister. A sweet gesture, but didn't he just suggest that he and Beth were strapped for cash? (Perhaps this was not the best time to buy last-minute plane tickets.) A story about their family having to assess their financial situation would be more persuasive if it translated to more of their life.

The episode ends with the Big Three coming together in the present and past, and Randall claims in each time period that, as long as the three siblings stick together, everything will be OK. Even for "This Is Us," it was groan-worthy. This show's crime isn't usually excess sentimentality, but sentimentality done poorly. That moment could have been emotional, but it felt so forced.

After an attempted robbery, tensions arise between Dina and Jonah. Glenn has a tough time firing a store security guard and Amy discovers her coworkers have been hanging out without her. (Viewers: 4.20 million)

When Amy throws a party to prove how great she's doing post-divorce, she's forced to enlist Dina and Jonah's help, and Dina ends up making the ultimate sacrifice. Glenn and his wife Jerusha are forced to conduct some personal business at Amy's home. (Viewers: 3.85 million)

The store hosts a gender reveal party for Glenn and his wife Jerusha, just as Dina is freaking out at the realities of having to deliver a baby. Amy receives some unsettling news. (Viewers: 2.76 million)

Meanwhile, Seamus lets Jet out of the trunk after leading her to a dumping site at gunpoint. Jet manages to flirt her way into escaping Seamus' clutches and hide, but she reveals her location after Seamus threatens to shoot himself. Seamus knows that he has provided too much evidence for the cops, so Murphy is bound to seek revenge at some point anyway. Jet tells him that if he cooperates with their investigation, they can protect him. Right on time, the task force arrives, and Seamus attempts to kill himself via a police shoot-out, but he survives his injuries.

Through your quick wit, and... dedication to the goal at hand, you eventually managed to achieve the baseline of your goal. The bare minimum required of you. But the evening is not finished, as it is only part way through. After this ring was placed upon his thumb, the dance come to a conclusion, the machinations of other things transpiring seemed to been followed by Chetney, who wandered out to discover that Cyrus, the brother of Dorian was in attendance to the party, seemingly with his own ideas, and had wandered off further down the left hallways, deeper into the chambers beyond.

Imogen and Laudna stay inside away from the crowd, while the rest of the party follows the crowd outside to watch the fistfight. Ratanish invites Ashton to throw the first punch, and the fight is on. Since it is a fistfight and both participants are raging, little damage is done by each hit but Ratanish deals extra fire damage with each blow while Ashton's barbarian path skills are largely confined to fights using melee weapons. From the sidelines, FCG pumps buffs and healing into Ashton and the combatants continue to trade blows, reaching a level of mutual respect wherein Ratanish tells Ashton that if they want work, Ratanish could provide it. He then finishes the fight with a critical hit knocking Ashton unconscious. With permission, FCG heals Ashton while Ratanish does a sales pitch for Paragon's Call to the gathered crowd.

Laudna, Orym, Imogen and Ashton are still in the ballroom and have noticed the rest of the party is missing. Lord Eshteross has collected the keys to their suites, and they decide to go see if everybody else is dead. They head toward the currently unguarded doors.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party arrives in the hall from the ballroom and hears the commotion. They start running toward it and join the fight. Chetney uses his special poison resistance-granting healing potion to keep one of the injured guards from dying, but the other one expires. The party continues to hit the shade creepers, gradually killing them and trapping the last one under a fallen bookcase, where Ashton puts it out of its misery by dropping the bookcase on it again.

Badly wounded, Emoth dashes for the interior room and the hole leading down into the depths of the Core Spire, muttering, "She'll help me," as she goes. The party follows as best they can and unleash attacks at her, trying to kill her before she can escape, but she disengages to avoid opportunity attacks and vanishes into the hole in the wall.

Chetney drops his werewolf form, and confirms with the surviving guard that he will tell the authorities that the party came to his rescue rather than causing the mayhem. They learn the room was assigned to Gryz Alakritos. Orym attempts to explore the hole through which Emoth escaped but it is deeper than his rope.

Just then, they hear Cyrus's voice outside in the hall, protesting that "they" have the wrong person. Dorian and Laudna run out and see a shackled Cyrus being escorted by a guard and the two Green Seekers. As the party runs out after them, Imogen tells the injured guard that the party is named Bells Hells.

Laudna uses her Form of Dread and shouts at the partygoers to get out, creating massive confusion but alerting the guards. As Dorian escorts Cyrus toward the edge of the smoke cloud, he casts Invisibility on him and they succeed in reaching the outside unnoticed. FCG and Imogen cast Calm Emotions on all but one of the remaining guards. The uncalmed guard is having none of their protestations of innocence until the guard Chetney saved during the fight comes in and vouches for them, but they are still being regarded with suspicion and the guards will remember them. The Seekers begin searching for Cyrus.

Imogen casts Sending to Dorian and learns they're at the carriages. The rest of the party joins them and with a very tense Lord Eshteross, they travel to his manor. Once there, Dorian reveals the invisible Cyrus, who explains that one of the Hubatt Corsairs occasionally worked for Lady Emoth, who had worked with Dugger for a while. Emoth hired him to help her steal things at the ball in return for part of her "great treasure". Emoth spoke often of a business partner she worked with that she referred to as "Mother". When he was arrested, however, the guards thought he had been involved with the recent destruction of the Moon Tower by the party. The group realizes the authorities are confusing Dorian and Cyrus.

Cyrus is in despair and offers to turn himself in, since he can't go home like this. Eshteross offers to smuggle him out in his skyship to Emon, but points out the guards will be looking for "a certain type of person", staring pointedly at Dorian. Reluctantly, Dorian agrees to go with Cyrus to help him. The party unhappily say goodbye to him, and over wine, they toast to their new name, Bells Hells. Many farewells are said. Dorian realizes that, due to the way he last left Emon,[1] they really shouldn't go there, but move on as quickly as possible. Both Fearne and Orym give him money to help him on his way, and over wine, song, and stories, they enjoy each other's company until it is time for Dorian to leave. 041b061a72


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