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Download CF.lumen 3.74 Apk Pro Mod

CF.lumen adjusts colors to your Android phone based on where the sun is or what your configuration specifies. You can still download versions up to v3.16 which support 4.4 KitKat from the XDA Thread (see below). Performance drop since v3.60? Perform mode is enabled.

Download CF.lumen 3.74 Apk Pro Mod

Another one of Chainfire's popular applications is called CF.lumen, and it too just received a new update with version number 3.74 to add support for Android 11. For those not familiar with CF.lumen, it adapts the colors on your Android device based on the position of the sun or based on your custom configuration. However, according to the developer, only the compatibility mode driver of CF.lumen currently works under Android 11, and that too with the root-only mode. 041b061a72


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