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Luke Peterson

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We are bringing back the classic sound of the legendary Talkbox sound with our new sample library. With the funky sounds from legendary artist such as Zapp and Roger, we are now able to bring the classic sounds to your DAW and computer using UVI.We are featuring the classic funky Talkbox samples from Mr. Talkbox himself, Byron Chambers. Byron Chambers is one of the "New-School" talkbox professionals, scoring hits with Tobie Mack, Martha Munizzi, and a countless number of other well known artists. He is a staple in the music industry and highly sought after for his talkbox sound.

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Well, we brought our friend Mr. Talkbox to the studio and sampled every single popular vowel sound and phrase we could imagine in order to bring you the most extensive and exhaustive talkbox library. The sample library was recorded at 44kHz/24-bit. The sounds were recorded raw from the official talkbox patches through the tube and straight to your computer. Not only is this library packed with popular phrases, but we have added a slew of sounds reminiscent of the classic 90's Ohio funk era.

We were also able to include some digital synthesis technology using UVI workstation's wavetable functionality. With this technology we were able to turn regular samples into real live moving and breathing synths with the classic Pulse-Wave-Modulation features. This immediate turns a simple Talkbox sample library into a Talkbox synthesizer that will be able to do things far beyond what a normal hardware talkbox is able to do.

***BONUS: We have included the "official" Talkbox patches from the DX100 to be used on a real talkbox; in order to give you that classic Ohio/Zapp sound. So no more lugging that small DX100 around. Now you can use the classic patches anywhere you want and from any controller.

Numerous performers made popular use of the talkbox effect, including Peter Frampton, Joe Walsh, Stevie Wonder, Bon Jovi (Richie Sambora), Pink Floyd (David Gilmour), Alice in Chains (Jerry Cantrell), Jeff Beck, and plenty of others.

The vocoder is a totally different beast than a talkbox. In fact, the foundation of the vocoder was laid by Homer Dudley at Bell Labs in 1938 to shrink the bandwidth required for transatlantic communication over copper wire.

The Dunlop MXR M222 is a classic talkbox, which uses the movement of the player's mouth to form sounds. This legendary effect is perhaps most well-known from Richie Sambora's guitar riff in Bon Jovi's 1986 hit "Livin' On A Prayer", but keyboard players will also be familiar with it from the hook in Daft Punk's 1997 single "Around The World". What makes the MXR M222 special is that it has its own integrated amplifier and speaker driver, which means that an additional amplifier is not required when it is used. The M222 requires a dedicated 18V power supply, which is of course included in the scope of delivery.

Unlike some other talkboxes, the MXR M222 can be integrated easily into virtually any guitarist's setup and used without a separate rig thanks to its simple cable connections and pedalboard-friendly size. Once the instrument and amplifier have been connected via the input and output, respectively, the only thing that remains is to fit the central element: The voice tube. When the talkbox is switched on, the signal no longer goes to the output but into the internal amp and speaker driver and then through this tube, the upper end of which must therefore be fixed in front of a microphone. By placing this end of the tube in their mouth, the player can then "vocalise" the sounds coming from the instrument by moving their mouth and tongue, so the instrument effectively "talks" into the microphone.

Has enough time elapsed to allow '70s arena rock to move from nostalgic punchline to classic rock? Dig deep enough into Steve Miller and Peter Frampton's careers and you'll find bluesy riffs with hints of psychedelia before the later-era pop schmaltz set in. But let's be real: You're here to get wine drunk and slur your way through "The Joker" and a talkbox impression. 041b061a72


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