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The Best Cats and Soup Hacks: How to Catch More Fish and Upgrade Your Facilities

Cats & Soup is set in a beautiful, peaceful forest. This is the kingdom of cats where many species of cats live in harmony with their good nature. The happiness of every cat is having enough ingredients and recipes to make delicious soups every day.

In Cats & Soup, your main task is to help the cats prepare soup ingredients, zoom in on each item on the table, close-up each cooking action of the cat and the pot of soup boils, put the prepared ingredients into the pot, stir gently and inhale the aroma from the cooked soup. There is nothing happier than that feeling.

cats and soup hack

2. Once the installation is complete and you see the app on your Home Screen, you will now need to go to Settings -> General -> Profiles/VPN & Device Management. Once there, you will need to trust the new certificate that is related to the app you just installed. Then simply open the (hacked) app. Trusting the app is not required if downloading via the iOSGods App+.

Featuring the simple yet extremely fun and immersive gameplay of cat and soup simulation, Cats & Soup introduces Android gamers to the amazing in-game world, where you can enjoy making delicious soups with your adorable cat characters while also watching their many interesting interactions. Experience and enjoy your complete relaxations and the incredible healing effects from the game, where you can have these beautiful and adorable felines for your own.

Start by finding yourself having little troubles getting comfortable and familiar with the in-game mechanics and features. Enjoy the simple gameplay as you give simple instructions to the cat and just relax to watch them peacefully orchestrate their band of soup artists. Make uses of the simple touch controls and intuitive in-game layouts to freely discover its many features and interact with your beautiful felines.

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The simple yet extremely addictive and fun animal tycoon game will let you play whenever and wherever you want, with little attention. Simply let the cats go idle and make the soup by themselves while you watch their work.

For those of you who are interested, you can now freely interact with your cats, as you assign them different tasks and enjoy watching them working in the most feline ways possible. Feel free to interact with your cute cats using the different dress up features in the game, which will let you customize their appearances while also giving them certain boosts.

Have fun collecting different hats, clothes, accessories, and even give your cats different friends to accompany them. At the same time, you also have access to their homes, where you can freely design and decorate your cat houses with home tiles, wallpapers, plates, pictures, flowers, and more. All of which should allow your cats to look absolutely phenomenal while also giving them powerful boosts so you can continue making more soups.

The amazing cook book in Cats & Soup introduces Android gamers to many delicious cat soup recipes. So always engage in the game and work to collect all those amazing soup dishes, as you unlock more profitable businesses and also enlarge your cookbook.

With many cool boosters being featured, Cats & Soup will allow Android gamers to easily speed up their in-game progresses and enhance your money-making speed. So always collect and make good uses of your many boosters so you can multiply your earnings, especially during important events. Use your bonuses wisely to always make the most of your culinary cats.

Here in Cats & Soup, Android gamers will have the chances to work on their many interesting in-game collections, which they can complete and earn cool bonuses. Feel free to look for all the cat species with their certain traits, unique looks, characteristics, and more. Follow up with fishes of all types, sizes, and collections. Pick up different furniture from their own respective catalogs. Collect equipment with cool themes and attributes. The list goes on. Complete all to impress your cats and show off with your friends.

With beautiful and relaxing ASMR sound effects, together with peaceful soundtracks, Cats & Soup can help relieve your stress and anxiety simply by listening to the in-game atmosphere. Here, the relaxing and nicely-sounding noises from the cats, their bubbling soup pots, and all in-game elements will certainly keep you interested and engaged for hours on end.

With a simple yet extremely fun, relaxing, and addictive gameplay, Cats & Soup offers an unparalleled cat simulation experience for all feline lovers. Plus, the undemanding and relaxing gameplay of idle simulation will make sure that you can always enjoy the game on the go and at your own pace. Simply enter Cats & Soup and start interacting with your adorable cats to find yourself completely at peace.

Your goal in the Cats and Soup is to collect all the cats, unlock all facilities, discover all the soup/juice/fish recipes. It will take a long time to finish the collection; playing daily for a few minutes or a couple of hours will help you achieve this target easily in a couple of weeks.

You can open the treasure chest by watching the video ads or spending the gems. From the treasure chest, you may get hats, clothes, or accessories, which you can equip to the cats for special effects. You can also upgrade the equipment if you have got duplicate pieces. Tap on the cat icon in the top-left corner to open the cat menu -> tap on the equipment slot; hat, accessory, or clothes -> choose the equipment that you want to equip and tap the wear button.

Come to Cats & Soup and enjoy a wonderfully relaxing space with cats. This simulation game gives you an interesting story about cats and food. Entering the game world, you will become an important part of the cat community. Your task is to assign work to the cats there to make delicious soups. The soups will be sold at the cat market and make a profit. You will use that money to continue unlocking new recipes, building houses, and shopping for clothes for cats.

At the beginning of the game, you only have one cat in the village. But new cats will constantly be unlocked and bring many interesting stories. No matter how many cats you have, you always need a wise management plan. Follow the quest system available in the game to know what to do. Basically, you will assign tasks to each cat to complete famous dishes. It can be bland soup or cabbage soup, cooked porridge, fried eggs, and more. The cooking process will be divided into several small stages.

Each cat in Cats & Soup has its own story. You can unlock more cats if you want to explore more of the cat village. Each cat in the village usually takes on specific tasks, such as farming, fishing, cooking, shopping, building a fire, and more. You need to assign the right tasks to each cat if you want to optimize the working process. Besides, you can design your favorite cat with pretty items.

With the money earned from the food, you can build a cat village with unique constructions. Accordingly, you can unlock houses, tents, farms, ponds, and more. They will help the cat village become more diverse and vibrant. In each location, you will see cats doing different jobs. For example, a certain cat is grinding rice, stirring soup, peeling cabbage, baking fish, singing, etc. A peaceful community of cats will make you fall in love every time you look at it. In addition, there are dozens of hidden areas waiting for you to discover.

This game will make every gamer who loves cats enjoy its extremely lovely visual style. You will find in the small village cats with distinct shapes, personalities, and stories. The cats look even funnier when wearing new skins. They can also work like a real human. Every movement is very smooth, bringing a wonderful feeling of relaxation. Moreover, the soft and relaxing background music will help you relieve all stress.

So do you like Cats & Soup? This game has attracted millions of players worldwide and is now available here for you to download for free. Quickly download the game and enjoy an idyllic time in the cat village. You will accompany the cutest cats in cooking and building the village. And what is more interesting? This is the time to find a new world beyond your understanding.

Would you like to play a game that has cats as the main characters, running a soup-making business and earning your unlimited money? Download the Cats and Soup game from Google Play Store today. In this incredible simulation game by HIDEA, you will surely enjoy a fun game where you can assist the cats to cook.

At your disposal, you will have a dozen cute cats who will be preparing delicious soup. This is actually the main task of the game. You will cut, chop, and boil various ingredients to make soup using cat chefs! You will also be tasked with decorating a home for cats with the best furniture and household items that are attractive and unique.

This game presents cats of different breeds. For each breed, you have to come up with as well as select a dress for each of your cats to stand out! The game is very simple to play since you will only need to interact freely with the cat and use them to implement your own business ideas.

In the Cats and Soup game, the main idea is combining foods and coming up with new recipes for a variety of delicious foods. Chop vegetables, add meat, make the best soup and sell it for a good profit.

Make sure that you help the cats fulfill their wishes. Be there to make more food and soups for sale and make more in-game money! Without a doubt, players will enjoy many happy hours or the gameplay in this game with cute cats. That is because there are many activities such as camping in the forest together, collecting various ingredients, cooking, and more.

The cat interferes with something in a huge cauldron and pours it into some plates. This is the very first version of the soup. However, the soup turns out to be lean and not satisfying because of a lack of ingredients.

To correct this annoying result, you will hire more cats and use them in making improvements in the quality of soups. You also need to purchase more ingredients to make the soup sweeter. Impress your customer with the best variety of soups, make them come once more, and keep earning money!


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