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Spiderman 2 Game Ps2 |VERIFIED|

Spider-Man 2 is a 2004 action-adventure game based on the 2004 film of the same name. The game is the sequel to 2002's Spider-Man, itself based on the 2002 film of the same name. It was released on June 29, 2004 for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, and Game Boy Advance, followed by N-Gage and Nintendo DS versions, both released later in the same year. A PlayStation Portable version was released almost one year later, on March 23, 2005. The Game Boy Advance version, developed by Digital Eclipse, was re-released on a twin pack cartridge and bundled with that system's version of the 2002 Spider-Man game in 2005.[2] A tie-in game, titled Spider-Man 2: Activity Center, was also released in June 2004.[3] Published by Activision, the console versions were developed by Treyarch, while the others had different developers and are drastically different as a result. The Treyarch-developed versions are considered a landmark title in the industry for being the first superhero video game to incorporate a full open world design.

Spiderman 2 Game Ps2

All versions of the game closely follow the film's plot, but expand upon it by including scenes and characters that do not appear in the movie. Set two years after the events of Spider-Man, the game finds Peter Parker struggling to manage both his personal life and his duties as Spider-Man. When scientist and Peter's mentor, Dr. Otto Octavius, becomes the diabolical villain Doctor Octopus after an accident, Spider-Man must stop him from recreating a dangerous fusion power experiment. Tobey Maguire, Alfred Molina, Kirsten Dunst and J. K. Simmons (PSP version only) reprise their roles from the film, as Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus, Mary Jane Watson and J. Jonah Jameson, respectively, while Bruce Campbell, who played an usher in the doors of Mary Jane's show, narrates the game.

The console versions of the game were positively received, with critics commending the realistic Manhattan setting and web swinging mechanics. It has been called one of the best superhero games of all time, with some crediting the game for helping revolutionize the open world genre. The handheld versions received mixed reviews, while the PC version received largely negative reviews. The game was followed by Spider-Man 3 the video game, itself based on the 2007 movie.

The story is divided into multiple chapters, each with its own set of objectives, such as purchasing upgrades for Spider-Man, or acquiring a certain number of hero points from completing side missions. These side missions are given by random pedestrians across the game's map, and mainly consist of battling criminals, stopping speeding cars by jumping on top of them and punching them, taking injured people to the hospital, or saving construction workers from falling to their deaths. Each chapter includes at least one story mission related to the main plot.

Players are able to web swing, crawl walls, and fight enemies using a variety of combos. They can use Spider-Man's "spider sense" to slow down time and dodge incoming attacks, including gun fire. This version of the game was considered innovative at that time due to its physics-based algorithms that simulate Spider-Man's web swinging in three dimensions, creating a new game mechanic unlike the traditional jumping or flying of previous Spider-Man games. Combat is far more complex, as it involves carefully timing the player's attacks and dodges. After completing the main storyline, a bonus mode inside a warehouse is unlocked, where the player can fight waves of enemies and bosses from the main storyline, as well as an exclusive villain: Calypso.

The PlayStation Portable version of Spider-Man 2 uses the same engine as 2002's Spider-Man. Because of this, the gameplay is virtually unchanged, and many locations from the first game are reused, as is its scoring system, which assigns players a score at the end of each level based on various factors, such as the time taken to complete the level and the number of combos used. The player can crawl walls and web swing, though Spider-Man is only able to move forward in a straight line. They can also lock their camera onto certain enemies and web them.

Two years after the events of the first game, Peter Parker is struggling to balance his civilian life with his duties as Spider-Man. This dramatically affects his personal life, as he is frequently late or absent for school and leisure time with his friends: his crush, Mary Jane Watson, and best friend Harry Osborn, who blames Spider-Man for his father's death. While stopping a museum robbery, Spider-Man encounters cat burglar Black Cat, who manages to escape from him. Black Cat later returns and befriends Spider-Man, helping him fight crime on several occasions.

Spider-Man defeats the supervillain Rhino and is challenged by special effects artist Quentin Beck to partake in a series of "games" meant to prove he is a fraud. After Spider-Man prevails, an embarrassed Beck assumes the identity of "Mysterio" and leads attacks on both an opera and the Statue of Liberty, which Spider-Man foils. He then finds Mysterio's hideout and overcomes another series of challenges, learning that Mysterio is a fraud in the process. However, he is unable to capture him due to Mysterio using illusions.

Development on Spider-Man 2 began at Treyarch shortly after the financial success of 2002's Spider-Man. The physics-based web swinging system was conceived by designer Jamie Fristrom, who was dissatisfied with the web swinging system of the first game, which he was on the development team for, and desired a "more realistic" swinging system in the follow-up. He cited the game Rocket Jockey as an inspiration.[5] Although the concept was initially difficult to prototype due to the work involved in manually adding points into the game that web lines could be attached to, Fristrom and programmer Andrei Pokrovsky implemented ray casting into the game as a solution to automatically map infinite points where players could attach webs to swing from.[6] Fristrom demonstrated the web-swinging system to Activision executives, including company COO Ron Doornink, who approved the system for use in the game.[5][7] The open world design of the game was influenced by Grand Theft Auto III.[7]

Spider-Man 2 featured a semi-original story loosely based on the film. This was decided after the development team received a copy of the film's shooting script, and came to the consensus that a straightforward adaptation of its narrative would be a poor fit for a video game. Thus, the developers opted to include characters from Spider-Man's extended rogues' gallery that had not been featured in the film, resulting in Mysterio's inclusion in the game, in part as a homage to Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin, which directly inspired the game's "funhouse" level.[7]

A few months before the game's release, which was set to coincide with the release of the film, the developers at Treyarch were forced to cut a large amount of content and underwent a significant crunch period in order to complete and ship the game on time. Calypso, a bonus boss in the finished game's "Arena" battle mode, was one casualty of these cuts, initially planned to be featured as a boss character within the game's narrative proper. Some of this cut content was later reincorporated into Spider-Man 3.[7]

Critical reactions to the console versions of Spider-Man 2 were generally positive. Reviewers noted that the realistic and life-sized Manhattan setting, the large variety of crimes and emergencies to stop, and the game's vivid use of Spider-Man's abilities all combined to make the player really feel like Spider-Man. The most popular aspect of the game was the web-swinging mechanic, where Spider-Man had to shoot webbing at an actual building, unlike previous games where he shot webbing up into the sky. However, small parts of the game were criticized, such as the repetition of some of the side missions. The game has been ranked by critics as one of the best Spider-Man games made.[65][66][67][68][69][70][71]

IGN gave the game a score of 8.8 out of 10 for the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube versions,[52] 9 / 10 for the Xbox version,[51] 7.1 / 10 for the N-Gage version,[54] 7 / 10 for the PSP version,[55] 7.5 / 10 for the Nintendo DS version,[53] 6.5 / 10 for the Game Boy Advance version,[56] and 4.5 / 10 for the PC version.[57] IGN stated on the PS2, GameCube, and Xbox version to "call it Grand Theft Spider-Man. And call it damn fine". The version even won the IGN Editor's Choice Award for the year. IGN, reviewing the GBA version, credited positively the presentation, graphics, sound, web-zipping and wall-crawling. They only negatively stated that the music loops a lot because of the enormously long levels, "not the tightest combat developed for a Spider-Man game", and stated that the levels are "a big pain in the butt to accomplish".

Upon launch, the game had shipped more than 2 million units in North America by July 7, 2004.[73] In the United States, the game's Game Boy Advance version alone sold 600,000 copies and earned $17 million by August 2006. During the period between January 2000 and August 2006, it was the 47th highest-selling game launched for the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS or PlayStation Portable in that country.[74] By 2005, the game had grossed $110 million in sales revenue in the United States.[75] The game's PlayStation 2 version received a "Platinum" sales award from the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA),[76] indicating sales of at least 300,000 copies in the United Kingdom.[77]

A game that likely evokes a nostalgic overload for many, Spider-Man 2 thwipped onto PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube in 2004, coinciding with the release of its movie counterpart. A relic of a bygone era of licensed tie-in video game adaptations, Spider-Man 2, at least the home console version, is still regarded by many as an excellent superhero game, even when compared to 2019's Marvel's Spider-Man by Insomniac Games. In fact, some long-time fans even believe that Spider-Man 2 has superior web-swinging mechanics than the most recent Spidey venture. 350c69d7ab


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