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Buy One Get One Free Fireworks BETTER

With multiple different offers here at Galaxy Fireworks we are sure to fit any budget! We guarantee that Galaxy Fireworks will match or beat any competitors prices! Guaranteed! We offer buy one get one free sales, Buy one get two free sales, and buy two get one free on all assortments!

buy one get one free fireworks

We started with the simple idea of giving our customers the best deal possible. For over 20 years we have offered buy one GET THE SAME AMOUNT FREE on ALL fireworks. Customers love our deal and our great selection of the best fireworks available.

Just a friendly atmosphere to come and bring the kids to see what they really want. I was able to see everything in plain view. I enjoyed the experience and we plan to come back every event we need fireworks. You all are the greatest! Thank you so much for making our day fun!

The wait time was super short compared to how many people were there. We were helped quickly and the sales guy was knowledgeable about the products and answered every question we had and even suggested fireworks to us! Very happy experience.

This is 100% the BEST fireworks store in Hueytown, other places around cheats you or overprice their fireworks. The people here are awesome and very friendly. Everything is buy one get one free which is awesome. I will definitely always shop for my fireworks here.

If you have been a victim of Phantom fireworks scams by believing you were getting one item free when purchasing another. please reach out to the Consumer Protection Agency and report their scams.To contact the Bureau of Consumer Protection Agency Click here

Have you ever purchased fireworks from phantom fireworks that were advertised as buy one get one free?If you really believed you were getting one item free please join the potential class action law suit to receive 50% of your purchases back!

Frank Elliotts motive is & always has been to get 50% of all customers money back from phantom fireworks due to them scamming their customers in to believing they were getting one item free and many other marketing scams!

Phantoms new scam! They now offer the consumer up to 40% off the entire inventory but never mention the price is off the old buy one get one free price and you only get one item not two! So you now get to drive all the way to one of their showrooms just to find out they led the horses to the water and their employees are suppose to make them drink! (See recordings below of phantoms fireworks employees admitting this is true!)

to overcome2021 Phantom fireworks scam is now a bogus offering of 50% off the Entire Inventory!1. First the buy one get one free scam

3. Then the premier rewards member spends $400 and you can buy the alternative to buy one get one free and purchase one of any item. ( Phantom, just sell it per item instead of all the scam)

Phantom Fireworks has been selling consumer fireworks to the general public for over 30 years. Phantom is the #1 importer of consumer fireworks from China. We operate over 50 showrooms in 14 states year round. During the July 4th season, we open over 1000 tents throughout the country.We offer a wide variety of retail consumer fireworks to the public. We sell rockets, roman candles, fountains, firecrackers, aerial repeaters, mortars, display tubes and racks, .500 gram finales, aerial and ground spinners, parachutes, spinning wheels, sparklers and novelties.We offer the safest consumer fireworks on the market. All of our fireworks are approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and additionally tested by the American Fireworks Standards Laboratory (AFSL). Fireworks safety is our #1 goal.Be sure to check out to see our product line. Check out our video library that offers previews of our more popular fireworks. While you are there, be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter to receive coupons not available to the general public.Phantom Fireworks - ''Lighting up backyards of American from coast to coast.''

With the price of different goods and services rising, there were concerns that people might spend less money on fireworks as they celebrate the Fourth of July this year, but for one seller of the products at least, that didn't seem to be the case.

Some of those limits include what types of fireworks are allowed, with the city saying "small firework devices classified as 'consumer fireworks' by the U.S. Department of Transportation being allowed." Devices that are not allowed in Salina include things like "M-80 fire crackers," cherry bombs, bottle rockets and sky lanterns.

Finally, the city said there are restrictions to where fireworks can be ignited or discharged, with it being illegal to do so in places like streets, sidewalks, parks and other public property, within 100 feet of any hospital, sanitarium, nursing home or assisted living facility and within 300 feet of any fireworks stands.

The city also does not allow fireworks to be fired into, under or from any car or vehicle, whether it is moving or standing still, and they cannot be thrown at people, bicycles, vehicles or buildings and not not impact another property, either directly or from the residue or litter of the firework.

Stateline Fireworks carries one of the largest selections of New Hampshire consumer fireworks at unbeatable low prices. Stateline Fireworks of New Hampshire sells fireworks with no phony gimmicks or gags like the "Buy one get one free deals". Do you really think you are getting the second item free?

Must be 21 or 18 with an active military ID to purchase fireworks in the State of New Hampshire. We do not ship fireworks. All orders must be picked up at our store. Please check with your local fire department to see if permissible fireworks are allowed in your community.

Everyone loves to celebrate. Fireworks were introduced in America to celebrate Independence Day and the signing of the Declaration Of Independence. The first celebration was in July 1776. Nowadays, you are not limited to fireworks in July only. Fireworks can be used to celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, touchdowns at a football game, parties of all kinds, and even the New Year Celebrations.

If appropriately used, consumer-grade fireworks are safe for every level of experience. Fuses are slow-burning to give plenty of time to step away after lighting. If someone is unsure how to use a particular firework, an experienced salesperson can explain how to use it safely. For this reason, it is essential to shop at a place like the Fireworks Outlet OKC. Their staff are experienced and will take as much time needed to help customers understand and feel comfortable. Beyond that, if a person is still uneasy, they should consider a small fountain, sparkler, or color smoke.

Last year, during the depths of the pandemic, Americans blew off 385.8 million pounds of consumer grade fireworks, more than any other year since the American Pyrotechnics Association began compiling data 20 years ago.

While some view blowing off a couple of firecrackers and bottle rockets, and maybe even a finger, to be a Fourth of July tradition, the Illinois' Pyrotechnic Use Act prohibits the sale, possession and use of almost all consumer fireworks, prompting Illinois residents to flock to border states including Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa, which have some of the most lax fireworks laws in the country.

Due to our fireworks stores tremendous reputation, very easy access from the I-80, I-90 and I-94, and proximity to Chicago as well as the Northwest Indiana Casino Venues, we have had numerous celebrity and professional athlete sightings. In addition, our employees and customers have turned into frequent guests and feature story material for all the major Chicago and Midwest media outlets! You simply never know who you may bump into at Dynamite Fireworks Store in Hammond Indiana. And you never know if you might end up on TV or the front page of a Midwest USA Newspaper!

Dynamite Fireworks is a frequent guest and feature for fireworks related stories from Chicago to Indianapolis! A small selection of our Media and Press highlights are featured below and we are proud to represent our industry during any feature or discussion. From Blogs to Live Television Broadcasts to Magazines to Newspapers to Radio, we have been part of it all and we are thankful for the opportunity! For any press inquiries or broadcast needs, we are happy and excited to help, simply call or email our management so that we can plan accordingly.

Our aim is to satisfy the needs of all our customers by providing delivery direct to your door. If you have any problems or queries, please call us on 01215558051 or email

Join OHSU's Partnership Project, Multnomah County Public Health, Cascade AIDS Project, Pro Bono ASL, and Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette for free HIV and STI testing then enjoy a free Gay Skate night. Medical ASL and interpretación se ofrece en español.

Learn to dance, make new friends, and get some exercise every Thursday! No partner or dance experience required. Dance styles include two-step, cha-cha, waltz, swing, and more! Enjoy a free dance lesson at 7 PM, social dance begins at 8 PM.

Celebrate the holiday with a bang at the annual Oaks Park 4th of July Spectacular! Admission includes all-day access to the rides, free first-come, first-serve picnic grounds, and Portland's favorite fireworks display!

The first stop is a white tent in the parking lot next to the 18,000 square foot space. There, customers provide identification and sign a waiver indicating that they will only use the fireworks for legal purposes.

Phantom Fireworks is one of the 12 Aurora locations that will be selling fireworks through July 4th. Since the City of Aurora lifted the ban on public fireworks use, you can now buy fireworks to use on your property but as a reminder, fireworks are not permitted on mall property. Visit the Phantom Fireworks Tent next to Hobby Lobby from now through July 4th! With a knowledgeable staff, Buy One Get One Free (mix and match) on EVERYTHING IN THE TENT, and the ability to watch videos of the fireworks before you buy them, you are sure to get the best quality fireworks at a great price! Stop by and make the most your July Celebrations for your friends and family with Phantom Fireworks! 041b061a72


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